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Colossus SSP Wishes Everyone a Happy Juneteenth!

Celebrate Juneteenth with Colossus SSP and learn how they are actively promoting diversity in the digital advertising industry to support a more inclusive and equitable landscape.

Juneteenth Freedom Day
Colossus SSP Wishes Everyone a Happy Juneteenth!

This June 19th, Americans will celebrate Juneteenth, a date that, for the African American community, signifies the end of slavery and the start of a long journey toward equality. 

At Colossus, equality is a goal we work towards daily. Specifically, we actively promote the health and vitality of a diverse digital publishing and advertising community that can reach and engage all citizens and residents of this country in meaningful and brand-safe ways.

Why is such a commitment needed? In many ways, the press within the United States grows less diverse each year. Over the past 24 months, we've seen numerous publications -- both legacy and new media -- shutter; with them, we have seen the unique voices they represent. 

Increasingly, a few media companies control most news outlets available to Americans.

The disparity is also evident in terms of funding the digital press. Programmatic advertising is a critical source of revenue for publishers, and yet some 78% of programmatic ad dollars go to the walled gardens, which generally are not diverse. Many diverse publishers cannot sustain their mediums unless we address this disparity.

Who is Colossus SSP?

Colossus SSP is part of the Digital Direct Holdings (DDH) family of brands, the ninth Black-owned company in the US to go public and the first Black-own public company in the digital ad-tech space.

Our mission is to enable brands and publishers of all sizes to reach, engage, and build connections with general and multicultural audiences at scale. We help buyers connect with general, multicultural, and niche audiences through performance-driven campaigns that span all channels: display, video, mobile, and CTV.

Like all DDH brands, we are committed to the success of our publishers and buyers. We work with publishers to give them the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the market. We take the time to understand the buyer's goals and KPIs so that we can curate bespoke marketplaces for their campaigns.

Committed to a Free and Diversified Press

Compassion, empathy, and respect come from hearing other people's stories. Without a diverse press, Americans won't be exposed to various perspectives, which, in turn, hobbles our ability to be the empathetic society we aspire to be. Conversely, a plethora of diverse-own publications is essential to promoting balanced reporting, challenging biases, and supporting the democratic process.

Moreover, our teams talk daily with brands and media agencies who tell us they are keen to reach and engage diverse audiences but are challenged to do so at scale. These brands recognize the growing diversity of American society and want to engage with all communities respectfully and meaningfully. However, the lack of diverse-owned publications hinders their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Therefore, we at Colossus SSP have made it our mission to help diversify the supply chain to secure a free and independent press that reaches all communities.

What Does it Mean to Diversify the Overall Supply Chain?

Modern advertisers can't reach and engage audiences on diverse-owned media properties if such properties cannot participate in the programmatic ecosystem. However, the programmatic sector is rife with obstacles that prevent small, diverse, and independent publishers from monetizing their digital inventory.

By helping diverse publishers monetize their inventory effectively, we are taking active steps to ensure independent publishers can thrive in the digital world. And we aren't just talking the talk; we have launched an initiative to promote equality and diversity among publishers so that we can enrich everyone's programmatic ecosystem.

Introducing Momentum by Colossus SSP

This Juneteenth, we are proud to introduce Momentum, our unique program dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and equitable programmatic advertising landscape by offering education and AdOps support to publishers looking to enter the market. By providing these resources, we aim to empower publishers and help them expand their reach, enabling them to connect brands with new and diverse audiences.

Momentum offers critical services to publishers so that they understand the dynamics of the programmatic ecosystem so that they can participate successfully, including:

  • Comprehensive courses covering every aspect of ad tech, data management, monetization strategies, and insights from industry leaders.
  • AdOps support from Colossus SSP is needed to help publishers maximize their revenue streams and navigate the challenging programmatic landscape.
  • Opportunity for brands and agencies seeking unique scaling opportunities.

Progress is a Matter of Choice

Juneteenth celebrates the efforts of countless people to end slavery and bring freedom and dignity to all. However, the rights and freedoms we enjoy and cherish today must be actively protected, including the freedom of the press. At Colossus SSP, we ensure diverse-owned publishers have the tools and skills to participate and thrive in programmatic marketplaces.

By empowering these publishers, we honor the spirit of Juneteenth and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape. Progress is not inevitable; it is a matter of choice. Let's support diversity, uphold justice, and work toward equality for all.

Happy Juneteenth!

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