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Advertising built for everyone

America is a diverse country and grows even more diverse each decade, and will be a minority-majority nation by 2040. While marketers and brand leaders understand that embracing diverse cultures will be essential to maintaining market share and driving revenue growth, reaching unique audiences at scale has been elusive.


Our Commitment to Unique Audience Serves

Colossus SSP uniquely allows marketers and media agencies to reach and engage diverse and niche audiences programmatically.


Direct Brands

Direct brands that want to build meaningful relationships with diverse communities.


Media Agencies

Media agencies whose clients want to reach diverse audiences.

User-Circle-Single--Streamline-Core (1)-1


Minority-owned and diverse publishers that want to participate in the programmatic markets.


Reach & Engage General Market and Multicultural Audiences

We help direct brands reach and engage general market and multicultural audiences across key interest areas.


General Market Top 10 IAB Categories

  1.  Arts & Entertainment
  2.  Health & Fitness
  3.  Travel
  4.  Automotive
  5.  Personal Finance
  6.  Real Estate
  7.  Family & Parenting
  8.  Law, Gov't & Politics
  9.  Home & Garden
  10.  Shopping


Multicultural Top 10 IAB Categories

  1.  Health & Fitness
  2.  Arts & Entertainment
  3.  Travel
  4.  Law, Gov't & Politics
  5.  Home & Garden
  6.  Family & Parenting
  7.  Automotive
  8.  Science
  9.  Education
  10.  Shopping


Sensitive Categories

  1.  Alcohol
  2.  Cannabis
  3.  Firearm
  4.  Gambling Sports Betting
  5.  Political
  6.  Tobacco


What Our Clients Say  

Discover the satisfaction of our clients through their testimonials. Our customers consistently praise us for our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and the results we deliver.


Why Work with Colossus SSP?

We offer a full supply chain approach, with an expertise in reaching hard to reach audiences.


Full Supply Chain Approach

As a minority-owned SSP, we take pride in normalizing diversity in programmatic advertising across the entire supply chain, expanding benefits to savvy buyers, partners, and publishers.


Expertise in Reaching Hard to Reach Audiences

Tap into our expertise for effective media planning and buying strategies that will reach and resonate with these audiences and general audiences.


Win more RFPs

Media agencies rely on us when they need to dedicate a portion of their budgets to minority-owned businesses, and we are Black-owned.


Engage Omnichannel

Capabilities to deliver performance across the customer journey, including display, mobile, video, and CTV.