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Digital advertising built for publishers.

Colossus SSP is a supply-side platform for curated programmatic advertising. Our mission is to enable publishers of all sizes and audiences to participate in programmatic advertising. With relationships to over 136,000 buyers, including direct advertisers and media agencies.


We Help Publishers Access Brand-Safe Demand So You Can Grow

Grow your publishing business with us!


General Market

Large scale and national publishers that want to expand their demand partners.


Multicultural, Regional, Niche

Minority owned and operated, regional, and highly specialized publishers that want to expand their pool of buyers

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Emerging Publishers

Emerging publishers who need help participating in the digital ecosystem.


Services for Publishers

Flexible services for all publishers.


Access to Demand

We have relationships with 136,000 buyers including direct advertisers and media agencies. Our buyers want to reach general audiences at scale, multicultural audiences that are difficult to reach via programmatic, as well as micro-niche audiences, such as influencers.


Platform Flexibility

We work with all the major DSPs, including Google DV360, The TradeDesk, BASIS, Xandr, and others, ensuring access to a huge pool of advertisers to help you monetize all your inventory.


Rigorous Brand Safety

We have partnered with the leaders in brand safety to ensure only brand safe and fraud-free ads appear on your site. Our partnerships include HUMAN Security for pre-bid filtering and post-bid analysis to mitigate fraud; Confiant for creative scanning and blocking to prevent malware; MOAT for viewability and IVT measurement.


Audience Development

We work with leading data providers to create robust audience segments for targeting. And we are building forecasting capabilities so that buyers assess the characteristics of our audiences across the Colossus SSP network, as well as the reach and scale that is possible.


Audience Matching

Our audience matching ensures your demand partners reach their intended audience. We use the leading identity graphs, including via UID 2.0, LiveRamp RampID/IdentityLink, ID5, and Britepool.


Reporting & Analytics

We help publishers figure out which placements drive the highest level of revenue and optimize their placement strategy. 


Why Work with Us

Work with some of the brightest minds in the programmatic ecosystem.


We're Committed to Your Growth

We bring new demand partners of all sizes to our publishers, including top-tier brands that want to target multicultural audiences. Our quality demand raises our publisher’s eCPMs.


Digital Enablement

We help under-served publishers participate in the programmatic markets, often for the first time. We provide education on digital advertising tactics, strategies, and best practices so that they can thrive.


Increased Capacity of Unique Audiences

We eliminate obstacles that prevent smaller publishers from participating in the programmatic markets, such as inventory minimums. These efforts provide a unique inventory for the ecosystem and allow us to grow our capacity to serve the needs of buyers who want to reach those audiences.


Drive ROI

We bring true incremental revenue by being an extension of your sales team so you don’t need to rely just on the open exchange.


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What Our Clients Say  

Discover the satisfaction of our clients through their testimonials. Our customers consistently praise us for our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and the results we deliver.


Reach and engage general market and multicultural audiences

While marketers and brand leaders understand that embracing diverse cultures will be essential to maintaining market share and driving revenue growth, reaching unique audiences at scale has been elusive. Colossus SSP uniquely allows marketers and media agencies to reach and engage diverse and niche audiences programmatically.