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We are a Supply-Side Platform for Curated Programmatic Advertising

Colossus SSP is part of the Digital Direct Holdings (DDH) family of brands. Direct Digital Holdings is the owner of operating companies Colossus SSP, Huddled Masses, and Orange 142, bringing state-of-the-art sell- and buy-side advertising platforms together under one umbrella company.


About Colossus SSP

Colossus SSP is driven by a mission to ensure that the programmatic market is equitable to all publishers, advertisers, and communities.

Founded in 2012, we quickly attracted an impressive roster of brands, publishers, and DSPs. In just seven years we’ve grown from a strappy startup to one of just nine Black-owned businesses to go public. We’re also the only minority-owned SSP that is also publicly traded. As a profitable, publicly-traded company, we are well-positioned to capitalize on the rapidly evolving digital advertising market. Our accelerated organic growth and established operational playbook pave the way for continued success going forward.

We believe the market will succeed best when every publisher regardless of size, has the opportunity to get a fair share of the advertiser’s budget. All too often publishers are excluded from the programmatic market due to inventory minimums, even though they have valuable audiences that many brands are keen to reach. Like all of DDH’s brands, Colossus SSP is committed to the success of our publishers and buyers. We work with publishers to provide them both the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the market. And we take the time to understand the buyer’s goals and KPIs so that we can curate bespoke marketplaces for their campaigns.

As a top-performing diverse-owned supplier, we play a crucial role in helping brands, agencies, and consultancy partners achieve their social diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives while staying within their budget. We take pride in being the ninth black-owned company to go public in the United States.


Pledge of Commitment

We are committed to growing your business through efficiency and insights.

Growth for All

Every household brand in America started out small, but had an insatiable appetite for growth. The SMB market is the backbone of the American economy, generating 44% of all economic activity and responsible for 55% of all jobs, and 65% of all new jobs created. Our mission is to help small and mid-side marketers and publishers and a grow. To do that, we focus on:

Access niche audiences: Through underserved diverse publishers influential with key growth audiences​.

Drive ROI: Deliver full-funnel, omnichannel ROI.

Capacity: Deliver capacity enablement through scalable infrastructure, smart load balancing and optimization of our RTB engi

Deep Domain Expertise: Deep expertise in key verticals (energy, security), technologies (sales pipeline, CRM integrations), and marketing disciplines (programmatic, SEO, search) that allow us to act either as a consultant or outsourcing provider.

Meet DEI Campaign Requirements: We help midsized agencies that struggle to meet their client's expectations to reach and engage multicultural audiences. 


Efficiency Enabled by Technology

For the SMB brands and publishers, efficiency is table stakes. A bad investment or poorly planned campaign targeting the wrong audience can be an existential threat. That's why Colossus SSP has examined what efficiency means from every single angle in digital marketing and advertising and have focused our resources on the following:

Efficient Media Buying: Drive cost efficiency via supply chain path optimization.

Consumer Efficiency: Our clients understand that mitigating IVT and fraud are critical issues, as is staying compliant with all privacy regulations we focus on these issues to ensure your campaigns target real consumers in brand-safe environments. 

Operational Efficiency: Reduce environmental waste through our dedication to sustainable business practices across the digital ecosystem​.


Unleashing the Power of Intelligence + Innovation + Insights. Ad campaigns and marketing initiatives have multiple functions. The most obvious is raising awareness about a brand and product and earning sales. However digital advertising provides other critically important functions, such as market and product research, customer and prospect sentiment analysis, and other functions. The true opportunity of programmatic advertising is insights, which is why Colossus SSP is so focused on generating them for our clients:

Deep Customer Understanding. Data driven intelligence throughout the full funnel​.

Operational Insights. Drive cross-platform insights with Colossus extensive identity graph​.

Strategies Insights: Get real-time actionable insights by leveraging our AI & machine-learning capabilities.

Campaign Transparency. We provides detailed campaign reports covering which media ads appeared, the number of impressions served, and the outcome, when possible.