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Colossus SSP is a Black-led supply-side platform

Our mission is to ensure that the programmatic market is equitable to all publishers, advertisers, and communities. We're a supply-side platform for curated programmatic advertising and part of the DDH family of brands. DDH is the ninth Black-owned company to go public. 


Pledge of Commitment

We are committed to growing your business through efficiency and insights.



Acting as an extension of their team, we help publishers find demand partners for their inventory. We help direct brands, media agencies and DPS find the right audiences at scale.



Our optimized infrastructure delivers cost, operational and environmental efficiency to all clients. Our commitment to brand safety and fraud mitigation ensures budgets aren’t wasted.



We help publishers figure out which placements drive the highest level of revenue and optimize their placement strategy. We work with buyers in the planning stages to ensure their goals are met.


Benefits of Working with Us

Work for an inclusive company that cares about its employees.


Committed to Your Success

Colossus SSP is committed to the success of our publishers and buyers. We work with publishers to provide them both the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the market. And we take the time to understand the buyer’s goals and KPIs so that we can curate bespoke marketplaces for their campaigns.


DEI is in our DNA

As a top-performing diverse-owned supplier, we play a crucial role in helping brands, agencies, and consultancy partners achieve their social diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives while staying within their budget. We take pride in being the ninth Black-owned company to go public in the United States.


Focus on ROI and Growth

We bring new demand partners of all sizes to our publishers, including top-tier brands that want to target multicultural audiences. Our quality demand raises our publisher’s eCPMs.


Digital Enablement

We help under-served publishers participate in the programmatic markets, often for the first time. We provide education on digital advertising tactics, strategies, and best practices so that they can thrive.


Flexible Infrastructure

We are integrated with many leading DSPs, including but not limited to Xandr, DV360, The Trade Desk, BASIS, Yahoo DSP & Beeswax, enabling you to launch campaigns using your existing tech stack.


Win more RFPs

Media agencies rely on us when they need to dedicate a portion of their budgets to minority-owned businesses, and we are Black-owned.


Engage Omnichannel

Capabilities to deliver performance across the customer journey, including display, mobile, video, and CTV.


What Our Clients Say  

Discover the satisfaction of our clients through their testimonials. Our customers consistently praise us for our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and the results we deliver.


Reach and engage general market and multicultural audiences

While marketers and brand leaders understand that embracing diverse cultures will be essential to maintaining market share and driving revenue growth, reaching unique audiences at scale has been elusive. Colossus SSP uniquely allows marketers and media agencies to reach and engage diverse and niche audiences programmatically.