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Supply Quality Guidelines

Last Modified: February 9, 2024 

Supply Quality Guidelines 

All inventory must comply with the Colossus Media LLC supply policy in order to run on the Colossus platform. 

Minimum Requirement(s): 

  • Compliance:  

  • Ads.txt / App-ads.txt  

  • Sellers.json: Seller type = “Publisher” (required as of 2024) 

  • Property must be HTTPs (Secure) 

  • Pageviews: No minimums  

  • Language: All languages accepted 

  • English translation is required for troubleshooting and content verification 

  • Engaged users 

  • Comments on forums and reviews, where applicable  

  • 70%+ viewability 

  • High Quality, Original Content: 

  • We deem content as “high quality” if it meets the standards below: 

  • It helps, informs, or entertains the viewer 

  • It’s original – no copied content 

  • Ad Clutter: 

  • No more than 5 ads in-view 

  • No pop-up, pop-under, redirects or interstitial ads that interfere with user’s ability to see the content requested. 

  • Invalid Traffic (IVT): Standards must be met through an MRC accredited partner 

  • <5% web 

  • <5% in-app 

  • <10% CTV  

  • Restricted Categories 

  • Derogatory content including: 

  • Hate speech 

  • Discrimination, racism, sexism 

  • Promotion of violence, self-harm, or terrorism 

  • Illegal or dishonest activity 

  • Deceptive layouts making it easy for users to mistakenly click ads or links that redirect them or initiate downloads 

  • Clickbait/clicktraps 


Colossus Media LLC reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any partners that violate these policies.