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Quality Guidelines for Creative

Last modified: August 7, 2023

Quality Guidelines for Creative

All creative must comply with the Colossus Media LLC ads policy in order to run on the Colossus platform.  

Note: At a minimum ALL creative is checked for the following: 

  • Malware 

  • Fourth-party calls 

  • HTTP cookies (unsecure)  

  • Landing page quality, language, and content 

  • SSL compliance 

  • Restricted products and services 

  • Other policy compliance concerns  

Minimum Content Requirement(s): 

Ads must be distinguishable from a publisher's content. Ads cannot appear as if they are actual content or links on a publisher's site. 

The following content in ads is prohibited: 

  • Tobacco, weapons, nudity, gambling, defamatory/hate content, illegal activities, profanities, malware, and spyware. 

  • Offers of free gifts, links to quizzes and surveys, misleading claims, and references to sex or sexuality 

  • Advertorial advertising  

  • No pop-ups or pop-unders 

  • Restrictions on text only ads.  

  • No audio auto play ads. 

Colossus Media SSP scans all creatives for brand safety, malicious activity and/or potential vulnerabilities, such as malware or spyware.  

  • Security 

    • Forceful redirects 

    • Criminal scans 

    • Fake download updates 

    • Ad stacking 

    • Phishing scams 

    • Unsafe & Malware landing pages 

    • Fake ad servers 

    • Browser fingerprinting 

    • Pixel stuffing 

    • Cryptocurrency jacking 

    • Unsafe click trackers 

    • Exploit kits 

  • Quality 

    • Undesired audio 

    • Undesired brands 

    • Flash cookies (LSO) 

    • Misleading claims 

    • Non-monetizing ads 

    • Undesired video 

    • Undesired categories 

    • Geo location requests 

    • Heavy ads (file weight) 

    • Video arbitrage 

    • Pop-ups 

    • Dialogue boxes 

    • Undesired expand 


Colossus Media LLC reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any partners that violate these policies.