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Data Subjects Rights Notice

Adopted: April 18, 2024

  • How to Make a Data Subject Rights Request

To assist in making a Data Subject Rights Request as simple as possible, please follow these instructions.

Step 1:   Locate Your Digital Identifiers

Web Browsing

As described in our Privacy Policy, our technology operates by using text files called “cookies” that are placed on your device. See the applicable policy for more information about the cookies we use, and how to manage cookies and other similar technologies.

Some of the cookies we use include a Digital Identifier. To locate these Digital Identifiers, you can search through your cookies for the cookies set from the domain. The text in each of these cookies is a separate Digital Identifier and is the important part of the identifier needed to search for your records.

Please keep in mind that different cookies are placed on each browser and device that you use to access the Internet. As a result, if you use multiple browsers (for example, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and devices (for example, a laptop computer and a mobile phone), you will have to repeat this process and locate the applicable cookies for each browser and device.

Mobile Devices and other Internet Connected Devices

If your web browsing is done on a mobile device (e.g., phone, tablet) then depending on the operating system (iOS or Android) a persistent “Advertising Identifier” is associated with the device. This Advertising Identifier can, among other things, be used by third parties for purposes of providing you with targeted advertising. Please follow the instructions from your mobile device manufacturer on how to locate your Advertising Identifier.

  • On iOS devices, your Advertising Identifier may be referred to as an “IDFA,” “IFA,” or an “ID for Advertising.”
  • On Android devices, your Advertising Identifier may be referred to as an “Advertising ID.”

Step 2    Verify Your Digital Identifiers

To make sure we are responding only to the person authorized to make a specific access request, we need the following information to demonstrate that you are indeed connected to the Digital Identifiers and reside in either a state or country where there is an applicable data privacy law supporting your data subject request.

  • For Digital Identifiers stored in cookies, please take a screenshot of each cookie, taking care to make sure that the screenshot shows both the name of the cookie and the full Digital Identifier.
  • For Digital Identifiers located on a mobile device, please take a screenshot of a screen that displays the Digital Identifier.
  • Please provide you IP address

Step 3    How to Submit Your DSR

Submit your DSR by emailing us at

Step 4           What Happens after You Submit Your DSR


The timing for our response to your DSR request, assuming we have all the information, is controlled by the law or regulation under which the right is being asserted. We will always work to respond as soon as practicable within the legally prescribed time frame, however in some instances we may, if available, request additional time to respond to your request.

Additional Information.

After submitting your request, we may ask you to provide additional information to help us verify your identity or follow up on your request. The information we ask you to provide may differ depending upon the type of request, the sensitivity of the personal information that is the subject of the request, and applicable privacy laws.

Contact Information.

United States:    

If you need to contact us for further information:

For individuals in the United States, you can contact by sending an email to or calling us at 832-402-1051 or by writing us at:

Colossus Media SSP
c/o Legal Department
1177 West Loop South, Suite 1310
Houston, Texas 77027, USA