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How Colossus SSP Can Help You Win the Campaign Season

Learn how Colossus SSP can help political campaigns reach diverse voters at scale through targeted digital advertising strategies, maximizing impact and engagement for the upcoming election.

How Colossus SSP Can Help You Win the Campaign Season

Published on

Jun 10, 2024

Written by

Colossus SSP

How Colossus SSP Can Help You Win the Campaign Season

Now that the primary season has ended, politicians in every district in America are gearing up for November 5th. There’s a lot at stake, especially given the number of people who are eligible to vote. For instance, of the 240 million eligible voters in the 2020 election, only 158 million showed up at the polls. Getting non-voters out will be a key strategy, especially in swing states and districts with tight races.

It’s no secret that key demographics have the power to turn the election in their favor. In 2020, African American turnout in specific states was pivotal, and in other states, Hispanic American turnout was a deciding factor. In the 2022 midterms, younger voters had an enormous impact, delivering historic results in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. It was the second-highest youth voter turnout rate for a midterm election in the last 30 years, behind only the 31% turnout in 2018. 

The task at hand couldn’t be more urgent: Success at the polls will require a smart and highly effective approach to targeting potential voters in the lead-up to the election to introduce them to your candidate and ensure they get out to vote.

Colossus SSP can be instrumental in your election efforts. This election season, digital advertising will play a critical role. With over 300 billion monthly impressions across over 22,000 omnichannel media properties, we can help you reach voters wherever they are in the digital universe.

Reach All Voters at Scale 

Colossus SSP uniquely allows campaigns to reach and engage diverse and niche audiences programmatically.

We can help you reach voters in the general market, targeting the top 10 IAB categories, including law, government, and politics. If your campaign focuses on multicultural voters, we can help reach and engage the top 10 IAB multicultural audiences, covering law, government, and politics,

Our research shows that directly engaging with multicultural audiences significantly enhances their response to your message. Our SSP allows you to gain unparalleled access to diverse audiences both in multicultural publications as well as regional and national ones, enabling your campaign to:

  • Connect with diverse voters. Reach a wide range of multicultural communities with tailored messages that resonate with their unique values and concerns.

  • Build trust and credibility. Leverage culturally relevant content to establish trust and credibility within different communities, ensuring your campaign's message is both heard and respected.
  • Promote Inclusivity. Addressing the specific needs and interests of multicultural voters enhances your campaign's appeal.

Target Voters National, Regionally or Hyper-Locally

Depending on the campaign, you may need a broad national outreach combined with targeted regional efforts. We can help you get your campaign ads on prominent national sites to ensure your message reaches a nationwide audiences. 

We can help you focus on specific regions crucial to your campaign strategy, whether they are swing states or key local districts, ensuring your budget and efforts have maximum impact. By targeting custom messaging for different regions, you can address local issues and concerns, making your campaign more relevant and relatable to voters in each area.

Finally, we’ll help you engage with niche publishers to identify and collaborate with influencers who can effectively promote your campaign.

The Colossus SSP Advantage

Our teams work as an extension of your team. We offer comprehensive services tailored to meet the unique needs of your campaign so that you reach the right voters with both precision and impact:

  • Campaign planning. Through our partnerships and deep experience and expertise, we can help reach voters wherever they are within the digital universe: web, mobile, audio, CTV.

  • Custom advice. Work with our experts to develop a robust digital media strategy that aligns with your campaign goals and timelines.

  • Cost efficiency. We have direct relationships with publishers and avoid taking on resellers. Our supply-side optimization means buyers have the most direct path possible. With fewer companies in the middle, publishers get more money for their inventory, and more of the buyer’s budget is spent on actual inventory.

  • Curated marketplaces & premium placements. We offer access to curated marketplaces, ensuring your ads are placed in the most relevant and brand-safe environment. This means you gain access to high-quality ad inventory across national, regional, multicultural, and niche sites, enhancing your campaign’s visibility and credibility. You will also benefit from our relationships with top publishers and platforms, ensuring your ads are displayed in trusted and influential contexts.

End-to-End Digital Campaign Management

Many campaigns may not be steeped in digital strategy. That’s okay; our flexible approach to campaign execution allows us to either fully manage your campaign or collaborate with your agency. Let our team handle every aspect of your campaign execution, from placement to optimization.

If you’re working with an agency, we can seamlessly integrate with their efforts, providing specialized support and expertise.

 Use our platform’s real-time analytics to continually refine and improve your campaign’s performance, ensuring maximum impact.

Reporting & Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting and analytics tools provide invaluable insights into your campaign’s effectiveness.

With access to in-depth reports on ad performance, audience engagement, and conversion rates you can gauge your campaign’s success and the degree to which you resonate with key voters. Use our analytics to identify strengths and areas for improvement, informing future strategies and adjustments. We offer transparent, easy-to-understand reports that keep you informed and confident in your campaign’s progress.

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