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Decoding Gen Z: How Colossus SSP Can Help You Reach & Engage America’s Largest Gen

Decoding Gen Z's influence on marketing and B2B with Colossus SSP's tailored approach. Reach and engage America's largest generation effectively with diverse, data-driven strategies.

Decoding Gen Z: How Colossus SSP Can Help

Published on

Jul 10, 2024

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Colossus SSP


Gen Z

Decoding Gen Z: How Colossus SSP Can Help You Reach & Engage America’s Largest Gen

Gen Z is a massive -- and massively important -- demographic to the United States and its economy. They are the largest generation in America and the rest of the world for that matter (accounting for 32% of the global population).

That heft comes with immense purchasing power; today Gen Zers spend $450 billion a year, or about $8,894 per person. As of 2024 the generation accounts for 5% of global retail spend, but by 2030 will grow to 17%.

In many ways we can think of them as super consumers. While they represent 32% of the population, they account for 40% of consumers worldwide.

They also have a unique set of values which they apply to every aspect of their lives. They're socially conscious, tech-savvy, and prioritize authenticity. Reaching them effectively requires a targeted approach that resonates with their worldview.

Why are they a unique generation? To begin, they are the first generation in America, where nearly half identify as non-white. That’s having profound impacts on the US economy.

According to our consumer research, 57% of all demographics in America say they are significantly influenced by multicultural and diverse populations in their purchasing decisions. However, this influence is even stronger for Gen Z, with a staggering 81% reporting being shaped by these diverse voices.

Colossus Employees Share Gen Z Values

We get the focus on inclusion. We are a Black-owned and woman-led SSP. Colossus recruits and trains people from diverse backgrounds so that they can enter and thrive in this critically important industry. In fact, our employees are 50% African American, 7% Asian and Pacific American, and 7% Hispanic. This means that the Colossus teams also share and value multicultural viewpoints.

A Pew Research report found that 76% of US Gen Zers consider climate change to be one of their biggest concerns, and 37% say it is their top concern.  That’s another concern that we share, which is why we have made sustainability a key focus and optimized our technology to lower campaigns' carbon footprints.

Like Gen Z, we care about the mental health of employees. We offer our employees an Employee Assistance Program to assist them in resolving personal problems that may be affecting their job performance, health, and well-being, including counseling for mental health issues and substance abuse.

Gen Z Influence on B2B

When people talk about the impact of Gen Z, we tend to focus on their consumer-based spending. But by the end of the decade, they will represent 31% of the US workforce. Like the preceding generations, Gen Zers will bring their IRL habits into the office with them.

Those of a certain age will remember how Gen Xers changed office life by bringing their PDAs with them to work, and insisted on incorporating them into their daily tasks. Millennials adopted instant messaging in college, and continued using it as they entered the work world. In short order, IM became a mandatory mode of communication in businesses of all sizes.

Gen Z will bring the consumerization of B2B. This generation has grown up with eCommerce, and are accustomed to interacting with brands in very specific ways. We are already beginning to see B2B buying apps that look and function like consumer apps and in the mobile channel, and to demand rewards program for B2B purchasing.

How Colossus Helps Marketers, Agencies, and DSPs Reach & Engage Gen Z

As a company largely made up of Gen Zers, we have crafted workflows that are attuned to this generation and their values. We offer the services brands and agencies need to reach and engage this critical demographic.

  • Campaign planning. Our teams can help you define your goals, identify the Gen Z cohorts who align with your brand and campaign criteria, choose the right channels, and optimize your campaign creatives for mobile.
  • Massive scale. You need scale to reach the biggest generation in America. With Colossus SSP, you can access more than 300 billion monthly Impressions across 22,000 media properties across all channels.
  • Authenticity matters. We connect you with a diverse publisher network that reflects Gen Z's values. These publishers understand the importance of social responsibility and creating content that resonates with a younger audience.
  • Data-driven targeting. Our platform goes beyond basic demographics. We leverage advanced targeting capabilities to reach Gen Z based on their interests, online behavior, and content consumption habits.
  • Mobile-first focus: Gen Z lives on their phones. We ensure your ads are optimized for mobile devices and deliver a seamless user experience. They even bring this habit to the workplace.
  • Ad formats you need. Short-form video, interactive elements, and influencer marketing are key to grabbing Gen Z's attention. We can connect you with ad formats that resonate with their preferences.

Get in Touch

Reaching Gen Z requires a deep understanding of their unique values and media consumption habits. Colossus SSP isn't just another platform - we're a team that understands Gen Z, sharing their focus on diversity, social responsibility, and a commitment to the future.

Get in touch and we can help you plan your short- and long-term plans to reach and engage them.

Checkout Our Research

Want more information? Download our report, Cracking The Code: How Multicultural & Gen Z Are Reshaping Mainstream Marketing Or view the webinar.

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