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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Multicultural communities represent 40% of the American population and have a combined spending power of $3.2 trillion. The next big wave of economic growth will lie with these communities.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Digital Advertising

Colossus SSP is part of the Direct Digital Holdings (DDH) family, which is dedicated to normalizing diversity in digital advertising.



DEI equals growth, and it's in our DNA

As a Black-owned business with a minority-majority-led board, all of DDH’s brands, including Colossus SSP, are fully committed to DEI and women empowerment. Women comprise 80% of our corporate leadership and 66% of the administration across our three brands. We are the number one partner for brands that want to support the most diverse digital advertising ecosystem.


of corporate leadership
is comprised of women


of the administration
is comprised of women


Our Commitment to DEI

We believe that a commitment to DEI helps all brands future-proof their businesses. By 2040, America will be a majority-minority country. When people join a company, they bring their culture, values, and worldviews to improve the work or lives of their customers. Our diverse workforce will understand the needs of a diverse population and speak to customers in terms that resonate with them. Therefore, a diverse workforce is an intelligent strategy for success today and future-proof brands.



A Diverse Board and Workforce

With a diverse Board and workforce, Colossus SSP has the required expertise to assist brands and publishers in effectively engaging with multicultural and micro-niche audiences, helping them to ensure that campaigns are fair, equitable, and free from discrimination. Making us an essential partner for leading brands dependent on niche-first strategies critical to driving business growth.




Nationally Certified

Nationally certified by the Minority Supplier Development Council

Download our groundbreaking DEI white paper

Our inherent diversity enables us to provide advice and expertise on DEI investment, as described by Horowitz Research in its groundbreaking white paper, Dollars & DEI: Multicultural Consumers' Insights on Brands Media Buying and Marketing Practices.